Friday, May 1, 2015

Charlottesville: Year Three

Last weekend, Brigid and I took our annual trip to Charlottesville! I was getting pretty desperate for a break from work, and so although we went about a month earlier than we have in the past (& because of that, it was maybe not as warm as usual) it was absolute perfect timing. The trip was a great balance of time spent sleeping & relaxing and time spent out & about. Below are a few pictures, if you'd like to see!

[We drove down to Charlottesville on Thursday evening, and decided to make a late night trip to one of our favorite spots, Citizen Burger Bar. I have to admit, we felt pretty proud of ourselves for not being lame and going to bed, even though I'm pretty sure that's what we both wanted to do.]

[On Friday, we visited Blenheim Vineyards (for the second year in a row) to do a tasting and spend some quality time eating snacks and drinking an entire bottle of wine in the breezy sunshine.  The wines were somewhat different this year, and I could not get over the fact that wines take on different flavors (pepper, citrus, vanilla, baking spice) from the grapes alone. I'm not sure what I thought happened, but how amazing is that?! By the way, we love Blenheim and will probably go back every single year.]

[Friday the weather was GORGEOUS. I love spring green.]

[Wine + Snacks]

[It wouldn't be a trip to C-Ville without multiple (multiple) visits to SweetHaus! Brig and I discovered this cupcake cafe during our first trip, and I daydream about their treats at least twice a week. This place literally does everything right.]

[From left: vanilla + vanilla buttercream, cookie dough, almond & salted caramel. Yep, we ate 'em all...and went back the next day.]

[Adorable Gallery Wall.]

[SweetHaus decor.]

[Every time we go to Charlottesville, we find one new place to try during our stay. This time, we decided to try out Feast! -- a farmer's market-like deli & grocery where tasting is encouraged.]

[Within the building was a little floral shop called Hedge, with a million cute, vintage-y vases and a great assortment of unique flowers. I was so excited to see our wedding flowers (the yellow Billy Balls in the background) that I almost bought some!]

[We ate lunch here and had the most delicious sandwiches, deviled eggs and local wine.]

[Do you love deviled eggs as much as I do??]

[I walked around and tried a few different things before buying lunch, and these coconut curry cashews were probably the highlight.]

[The Downtown Mall has tons of adorable and tempting shops. I spotted this pretty arrangement of clothing in a new shop called The Impeccable Pig.]

[And a standard favorite for me is the paper shop Rock Paper Scissors. I didn't buy anything this year, but how adorable would these busts be in a child's bedroom?? This place is filled with tons of unique objects like these.]

[Just a funny sign that I spotted.]

[Brig and I went out to Skybar and Millers on Saturday night, despite it being cold and rainy. I snapped this quick pic (please ignore the messy room behind me) to send to Robert before we headed out. I was pretty proud of the outfit ;])

[I have more fun with this girl then just about anyone else in the world, let me tell you. So lucky to have the friends that I do!]

[SkyBar Bellini.]

[So, this is "pork belly" and although the name and concept kind of grosses me out, it is sooooo good. We had just a few appetizers and drinks downtown before calling the hotel shuttle (high class all the way!) for a ride home.]

[Until next year, Charlottesville! We miss you already!]

PS: Previous Charlottesville posts here, here and here. :] Have a wonderful weekend!

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