Wednesday, June 4, 2014

a little more C-Ville

Last week I posted about our day trip to Blenheim Vineyards in Charlottesville, and this week I'd like to share the rest of my photos! I've already said it once, but we had a great time and I am starting to think that a fall trip might be in order. I never really thought that I loved the state of Virginia, but then I visited Virginia Beach and Arlington and Carytown and Charlottesville....and now I might be a convert. :) See below for a few more pictures from this beautiful state!

[View from the scenic overlook.]
This area is seriously beautiful and lush in the spring. We stopped at this same spot last year, and the minute we pulled off the highway and took in the view, I was so excited to be back.

[Sweet Haus - from left: strawberry, cookie dough and coconut]
Our first stop had to be Sweet Haus, and we made the visit count by eating all of the above. There were also two, yep two, return visits and all in all I (at least) sampled all of the following: strawberry, cookie dough, coconut, vanilla, classic yellow cake w/chocolate frosting and cookies and cream. And it was all worth it.

[cute framed art at Sweet Haus]

[Bodo's Bagel]
Brigid's sister (and one of my very best friends), Mary, met us in Charlottesville on Friday evening, and stayed to keep us company until mid-morning on Saturday! We sent her back to her adorable little boy Sam after visiting one of my favorite places: Bogo's Bagels. The girls stayed healthy with avocado and egg on a bagel, but I couldn't help but go the full monty: everything bagel, egg, cheese and bacon.

[getting cheesy at the community chalk board]

[more company!]
On Saturday afternoon we had more visitors! Chelsey, Tommy and Annabel came and met us for lunch and a cupcake and it was so great to see them. Can't wait to see them again in a couple of weeks!

[peonies, blooming]

[I got to sit right beside a pretty cute butterfly:)]

[a night out]
Brig and I were definitely looking forward to a night out (we were both hell bent on dancing to Beyonce's Drunk in Love), so after a short rest at the hotel, we got all ready and headed downtown.

[lemon drops]
We started the night out at Commonwealth Skybar, which is a great little restaurant and bar on the mall.

[pork belly]
So good.

[crab & chili risotto]
This stuff was delicious until you got a bite of the hottest chili in the entire world. I seriously thought I might pass out for a minute.

This is the last photo I have of the evening, which is quite telling. We had a blast with some new friends from South Carolina, a couple of vodka tonics, a questionable bar called Rapture, a shot of patron and someone telling me repeatedly that I wasn't "turned up." I am so old, I don't even know the lingo anymore. Most importantly; however, we got to dance to some Beyonce and the night ended with McDonald's cheeseburgers. All in all, a success. :)

Until next time, Charlottesville!

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