Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wilmington Children's Museum

I have probably said it before and I'm sure I will say it again, but I am feeling super grateful to live where we live right now.  With a curious and active 2 year old, having lots of fun places to visit and explore makes life so fun.  

Last week, we visited the Wilmington Children's Museum with some friends. Wilmington is an easy 30 minute drive for us.  I'm excited to go back to explore the city a little more - especially the water front area where the children't museum sits.

This was the first time I have taken Sommer to a museum and although I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, I was just happy to know I was taking her to a place where she could run around, play with everything and not have to worry about anything getting broken.

 When you first walk into the museum there is this huge cage to climb through.  It took us a while to get to the top and find a place to get out.

 water table fun!

 Sommer seems to be more of a natural gardener than I am.  She spent a lot of time picking veggies and taking them into the kitchen next door to cook.

 In addition to all the fun things to explore, they have a nice art room where the kids could paint, create with sand and do other sensory activities.

 Sommer loved the water table.  We got smarter the second time around and used a smock to stay dry. :o)

 Large beanbags, books and calming scenery were in several areas of the museum in case you want to relax.

This room had a long train, a boat and this car station.  The kids were able to dress up like car mechanics and change tires, check fluids, etc!  
In addition to all of these fun things, the museum included a room devoted to learning about the body, a construction room and a room where kids could go shopping and learn about banking!  Tons of fun for all ages of kids.
If you live near Wilmington or will be visiting any time soon I would definitely recommend checking it out!

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