Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Insta-Wednesday: The Last Thing I Googled

Do you Google things a lot? I find that I do it constantly, and because of that, I find it interesting to see what other people are looking up. So, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the last few things WeThree were interested in! For me? Billy balls (our wedding flower), trendy British names (I am obsessed with discussing baby names; one step at a time, I know) and the Couture Cakery in Lemoyne, where we're hoping to have our wedding cake made. You just missed the search for "interesting sauces to make with butter." :) 

 One day, not too long ago, Carrie sent Dane and I a photo of a very wrinkly dog out of the blue. Since then we've been sending them back and forth every once in awhile so the last thing I looked up on Google was, "photos of wrinkly dogs." Another memorable search for me was "the definition of amazeballs." Thank you Google, for so many wrinkly dog options and for pointing me to the Urban Dictionary where I learned that the definition of amazeballs is "Some annoying term Perez Hilton keeps trying to make happen, by saying it repeatedly, even though it makes no sense, and getting twitter followers to try and make it a trending topic, to make himself more famous for no reason." So yeah, just as I suspected, it doesn't have a definition. Everyone: please stop saying amazeballs. And go Google wrinkly dogs. You won't be sorry.

 After drinking great coffee last week at Chelsey's, I was on a mission to find out how to make the perfect cup. (Photo via

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