Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Part Three - Charlottesville, VA: Sweet Haus

Last week I promised you a final Charlottesville post, and here it is, my absolute favorite place that we stumbled upon while wandering the streets of town: Sweet Haus. They carry absolutely delicious cupcakes and candy, and are styled and decorated in the sweetest, freshest way. You guys, I'm not even a cake person and I could. not. get. enough. of these cupcakes! I mean it, they are ridiculously good. 

This glass case housed their large variety of cupcake flavors.
From salted caramel to lemon, cookies and cream to red velvet, pistachio to Boston cream, each flavor was beautifully made and the ones that we tried (ahem, more than three) were delicious. 

Candy assortment.

The inside was bright and vintage-y, with a cute section housing toys for children, and another area seemingly set aside for cupcake decorating parties. 

Pom Pom Chandelier.

The goods.
In the background: salted caramel. In the foreground: cookies and cream.

Cute sign. Reference Rule#4.

Brigid and I had some weird personality switch in this bakery, with her preferring the lemon cupcake and me preferring the chocolate. What??

I really have to give Brig the credit for spotting the Sweet Haus on our walk to the mall. Our trip would have been decidedly less awesome had we not found this place. We stopped in again on our way out of town, and picked up some to-go cupcakes to take to another sweet house....

The house of little Sammy P in D.C.!

What I haven't told you is that Brigid and I were missing 1/3 of our friendship during this whole trip, Sam's mama Mary, who I regrettably did not get a photo of. Though she wasn't able to come down to Charlottesville, D.C. was right on the way home and we were able to stop for a really lovely lunch and quick visit before heading back to PA for real. Thanks again Mary & Brian for the visit, and sorry to all of you NOVA drivers I screamed profanity at. ;)

All in all, our Charlottesville trip was a complete success and though there are new areas to explore, I definitely would not mind a repeat of this little city. Virginia, you are growing on me!! 

P.S.: Explore the Sweet Haus website AND order cupcakes HERE
Rule #7: No regrets


  1. OH i love this!!! :) Thank you for the sweet (haus) shoutout. I love you guys!

  2. as your trip companion, i have to say that you did our c'ville trip justice! excited for our next adventure, hopefully with mare this time!