Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Are you tough enough?

Happy Tuesday, people!
I am so glad to be one day closer to the weekend...how about you?

Last weekend, my hubby participated in the Tough Mudder.  Have you heard of it?  <---- Please follow that link and watch the video.  It is pretty darn awesome!  The course that he did was outside of Allentown, PA and was 10.5 miles and had 22 obstacles!  And, the day that he ran with his team it was about 90* if not hotter!  Matt participated with a team from the church that we attended when we were living up in the Allentown area.  I think they had 17 people on their team and they all did an amazing job.  Here are a few pictures that really don't do this event justice!  I wasn't able to see many of the obstacles because the course was so long and I was trekking around with a one year old.

This is Everest - you have to run up this half pipe wall.  Just to brag on Matt a little - he made it up on the first try and didn't really need a hand at the top. :)

Matt's team after the race!

I'm so proud of him. <3

Donated shoes after the event.  Matt assured me that there was another huge pile down near the showers.

After a shower, Matt was ready for a nap and Sommie was ready to play. :)

After watching Matt participate in this awesome event, I've decided that I'm definitely participating in one next year!  I am turning 30 in December and I really want to make next year my healthiest and fittest year to date and one of my goals will be to finish a Tough Mudder. 

In order to make next year my healthiest and fittest, I am starting now.  Through one of my favorite blogs, Naptime Diaries, I signed up to participate in the MamaShred and have been doing bootcamp style workouts and eating clean for the past 2 weeks.  The MamaShred is run by Bobbi at NHerShoes and I have been loving it so much!  

One of my clean breakfast options.

I am so excited to be feeling good about myself and the food choices I'm making as well as to be getting my exercise in on a daily basis!  

So, I'm curious, has anyone ever participated in a Tough Mudder?  How was it?  Do you have any fitness tips or clean recipes to share?  I'd love to hear!

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  1. That's so cool that you're doing Mama Shred...I've never heard of it, but it sounds like something I should try. I wonder when they'll have another round of it?