Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cheerio, Old Chap!

It is very safe to say that I go through food phases. Just this year, in fact, I've had mild obsessions with grapefruit, fancy toast & veggie burgers, & I won't even get into my love of the butternut squash. But after purchasing these peanut butter cheerios at the grocery store a few weeks back, my obsession has officially switched to the beloved General Mills cereal, originally in the yellow box. 

For those of you who haven't been down the cereal aisle lately, you'll be shocked to see the variety in the Cheerios brand. Growing up, I remember enjoying classic and honey nut cheerios, and I even remember when multi-grain and frosted made their way into the market. But today! Today you have real options. From dark chocolate crunch to apple cinnamon, Dulce de Leche to banana nut, you could probably go at least a couple of months trying one new variety per week. And that's not even counting the flavors you can get by mixing -- ie. peanut butter cheerios + chocolate cheerios = peanut butter cup cheerios! 

But this week I was feeling bright, and so I went with fruity cheerios - a cereal with a taste relatively similar to Fruit Loops, but with more substance. And I love them! I have been looking forward to my breakfast every day this week and a couple of nights ago, I cheated and had a teeny-tiny bowl for "dessert." But as this dessert had only 100 calories (& 16g of whole grains!), there wasn't much to feel guilty about.

[Seeya, cereal!]

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