Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the best veggie burger, ever

I get asked a lot of I'm a vegetarian, and the answer is no. I've never had a moral issue with eating animal products, and on occasion (BLTs, Red Robin Banzai Burger, lobster roll, to name a few) I really do enjoy eating meat. That being said, probably about ninety percent of the time, I eat meatless. My subconscious diet choice was probably influenced by growing up with a vegetarian mother, but honestly, I rarely miss it; especially when there are things like Amy's California Veggie Burgers on the shelves of my local grocery store.

You guys, I'm not kidding you - these things are crazy good. Even if you are a charcoal beef patty type of human, I think you should buy and try these because they're just that delicious. You can grill them if that's your fancy, but my recommendation is to fry them in a little olive oil. The outside gets super crispy, and the inside is soft and chock full of vegetable goodness. I like mine topped with red pepper hummus, greens, red onion and a little siracha but they would be equally good topped with just plain old ketchup. Truly the perfect weeknight supper.

Available in the Natural & Organic section at your local GIANT. :)

p.s. This is not a sponsored post. I am truly just that obsessed with these!

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