Thursday, May 22, 2014

Charlottesville Rewind!

I posted our countdown to Charlottesville a few weeks back, and despite it feeling like a lifetime away back then, suddenly its arrival is imminent and I'm more excited than I can adequately express to have four full days off of work. If you've never been to the Charlottesville, Virginia area, you might wonder why we are so seemingly obsessed with it. But believe it or not, there are myriad things to do there. Last year we sort of concentrated on the mall area, and though we will certainly be revisiting it, there is most definitely a winery or two with my name on it. And maybe a karaoke bar, too. ;) Regardless, there are a few spots I've been daydreaming about as of late, and so today I thought I'd take a quick trip down memory lane...

[Sweet Haus]
Last year I devoted an entire post to Sweet Haus, and the truth is that I think about these cupcakes at least three times a week. I recently discovered that they will mail you cupcakes in push-pop form, and this might be simultaneously the best and worst thing ever. I fully intend on making this incredible bakery our first stop.

I have a soft spot for paper products, and this adorable little shop had the best collection of adorable cards, fun wrapping paper and all the accouterments one might need. One of their cards is actually framed and hanging in my gallery wall, and I'm scouting something for my bedroom this year.

[Citizen Burger Bar]
Three words (& three words only): sweet potato fries. 

This is the legendary bar where Dave Matthews worked, and we heard some pretty excellent music here last year, played by a child prodigy (or at least that was the buzz). This place is tiny and incredibly crowded, but it's also one of the more laid back bars on the mall. Definitely worth a second stop.

[Bodo's Bagels]
Another blogger that I love posted about Bodo's prior to our trip last year, and upon seeing her photographs I was instantly smitten, never even having tried one of their bagels. But try I did, and they're delicious - real bagels, not just bread rolls with the center cut out. I can't wait to eat an everything bagel smothered in butter and cream cheese.

[Boar's Head Spa]
I got a fantastic pink manicure here last year, and all of the other treatments sound super tempting. I'm thinking that I might go with a bolder color this year. :)

Tomorrow is the day! See you soon, C-Ville!

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