Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Take: Gallery Wall

When it comes to gallery walls, I tend to think that you really can't go wrong in your execution. I've always read that when decorating your home, you shouldn't look for things that necessarily "go" together, but instead look for things that strike your interest and that really appeal to you. And that somehow, despite being different, everything will look cohesive. For me, the same rules apply when creating a gallery wall. Somehow you can take a group of essentially disparate artwork, put it together in a unique grouping, and have a unified look. I love that. 

When we moved into this house, I knew that I had the perfect palette for a gallery wall in the living room. The walls on either side of the fireplace are big blank canvases; two endless stretches of bare space just asking to be livened up a little. Brigid and I combined all of our artwork on the living room floor one evening (admittedly, her collection is far more expansive than my own) and went through and decided which pieces we both liked. Then, I took to Pinterest for a little inspiration. Here are some of the layouts that I loved:

[lots of gold + a small round frame]

[something unexpected {oh hey Kate Moss} paired w/more traditional prints]

[set against a colorful wall + dual a print]

[shelved gallery w/bunting]

[mostly monochromatic]

I ended up using seven pieces to create our gallery wall, and despite the small size, I love it. I played around with the layout for awhile, but didn't follow any of the suggestions you see online. Instead, I opted for something that felt visually appealing to me, while incorporating some of the elements I liked from above.

[my take]

It could certainly be argued that I could have put a ruler to better use, but overall I think the spacing turned out great, and I especially love what that little round piece at the top does for the entire thing. One wall canvas completed!

All images via Pinterest via the link underneath the image.

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