Thursday, January 23, 2014

Current Favorites: Children's Books

We have been spending a whole lot of time indoors lately due to the freezing cold weather that we have been having.  And although at times I feel a little stir crazy, I have really been enjoying snuggling up with my little girl and reading lots and lots of books.  She has always loved to read but it is even more fun now because there are certain books that she knows and can sorta read to me!  I love it. :o)  

These are a few of our go to books right now.

 This book is great for kiddos learning their ABC's.  It goes through the whole alphabet twice in a cute rhyme.
 This is one of my favorites and has been since we first read it when Sommer was just a little, tiny baby.  It has also been on our bedtime story list off and on.  Sommer loves to talk about what is on each page.

 We are big fans of flap books and look and find books around here.  We have lots of fun picking out the animals and talking about what sounds they make.

This book came from my parents house and is one that my sisters and I read as children.  One of my all time favorites and perfect for bedtime.  This is also one that comes and goes on our bedtime story list.

 This is a newer book, given to Sommer for Christmas from my parents.  It is just an all around great book to read to your kids and one that I hope to be reading to Sommer for a long time.  This same author wrote "On the Night You Were Born" which is another one of my faves.

 This is a little Christmas-y but Sommer loves snowmen so we keep it around and read it regularly.

 Ladybug Girl box set

The Ladybug Girl books are probably Sommer's current #1 fave.  I think she loves them, partially because she remembers being a ladybug girl herself for Halloween and also because she has a ladybug backpack and lunch box.  She could definitely pass for Ladybug Girl in my book. ;)

 This book is another one of my favorites.  All about a mama polar bear (my favorite animal) and how she takes care of and loves her baby.  So sweet.

 And, of course, "Goodnight Moon".  Who doesn't love this book?!  It has a permanent spot on our bedtime story list and because of that, Sommer basically has it memorized. I have even come across her "reading" it to her babies on a couple occasions!

Do you have any children's book recommendations for me?  I am always looking to build up our little library! 

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