Friday, January 24, 2014

Photo Friday!

Grapes, toasted pecans and celery with peanut butter have been my go-to foods this week.  So quick and so delicious.  
Thanks for reading this week!  Have a great weekend!
xo Dana

As everyone who has walked into my kitchen this week has said: "holy grapefruit!" I found a 10 lb. bag for $6.99 last weekend and have been slowly chipping away at them all week. Get ready for some grapefruit recipes! Stay warm:) xoCarrie

 I made a ridiculous spinach pie yesterday from this book (thanks Aunt T!).  It's not very pretty since I don't have a rolling pin (well, really I do but it's nicely packed in a box somewhere), but man it's good.  Recipe coming Monday!  Have a good one.

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