Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ordinary Days

Here are a few things we've been up to lately that I captured in pictures: 

 Eating mostly clean.  I found this delicious quinoa salad recipe on Pinterest and ate it just as a salad for lunch for a few days last week.  Then, one night when my people were having pizza I decided to stuff it into a couple left over peppers, add some cheese to the top and bake them for a bit.  So good!  I'll share the recipe soon!

Eating clean except when we go out to Ruby's. ;)  We tried this 50's style diner out a couple weeks ago and I did opt for the healthier veggie tacos but when we took my family there last weekend I had to try a burger.

 Photographing and texting flourless recipes to my flourless sister ;)

 We treated ourselves to an afternoon at our township park last week when the temps were in the 50's.  So nice to get a big dose of fresh air in our lungs.

 It is a pretty awesome park!

 Heading into the pirate's ship all by herself...

 and very proud to have made it :)

 The January skies have been pretty beautiful around here.  It's always good to remember to look up. 

 We have multiple dance parties around here everyday.  In the picture above, Sommer was "princess dancing" to our favorite Pandora station: Disney; but more recently we have been enjoying the Zumba fitness station!

 And this picture from just yesterday, as I was trying to capture a few moments of our everyday life.  Sommer says, "Mama, stop cheesin' me!"  Haha - I laughed so hard.  I guess she gets sick of being my favorite subject to photograph. :o)

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