Friday, April 11, 2014

Photo Friday!

After lots of date/hotel negotiations, I finally just picked a weekend in late May and booked our (now) annual trip to Charlottesville! I am so excited and we've already got a countdown going. :) 
Thanks for reading this week & have a springy weekend! xoCarrie

We planted some of our patio garden last weekend and now Sommer's favorite place to be is sitting out back, watching her garden grow.  We can't wait for some little sprouts to pop up!
Enjoy what should be a beautiful spring weekend!
xo Dana 

 Annabel and I love soaking up the sun at Tommy's soccer practices - I sit and watch while she digs in the dirt and finds all the bugs.  The other day she asked me, "Why dis bug not movin', Mama?"  Then I had to explain what happens when you poke a bug one too many times.  Hopefully she'll be more gentle from now on!  Have a great weekend!

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