Monday, April 14, 2014

spring break

Friends, a confession (one that you may have already figured out):  I almost always write my Monday blog posts on Sunday night.  That little bit of information really has no meaning for you other than the fact that as I write this post on Sunday night, Annabel is sick with some sort of stomach bug.  So instead of writing something here for you, I'm taking the night off to hold my sweet girl and pray that she feels a whole lot better in the morning.  This is definitely not how I envisioned the start of Tommy's spring break week.  Here's to hoping that nobody else comes down with it!  I've been spraying everything down and washing things in hot water like a mad woman.  Wish me luck!  If you're on spring break this week, have FUN!  And don't get sick!  If you're not on spring break, wishing you a healthy start to this week!  I'll be back to post on Thursday with a hopefully healthy family.  Fingers crossed...

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