Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grapefruit & Olive Oil Pound Cake

Last week I shared with you a photo of the enormous amount of grapefruit I purchased (ten pounds, to be exact), and since then I've acquired a grapefruit knife, two grapefruit bowls and baked a grapefruit cake (with grapefruit syrup & grapefruit glaze). It's actually starting to get annoying, isn't it? I promise to calm down a bit after this (although I did just find a recipe for grapefruit marmalade, so you know, never mind.)

Over the last week or two, I casually mentioned this grapefruit cake to a few people and honestly the reaction that I got across the board was a leery, tentative smile, as in "that sounds really disgusting, but I'm trying to be supportive of your excitement." And really, I can't say that I blame anyone for having that reaction. Baking with olive oil, regardless of the remaining ingredients, just sounds pretty gross, and I honestly was not convinced that it would actually taste good until this thing came out of the oven.

[grapefruit cake-in-a-box. this is what happens when your guy is
under the weather and you're staying for the day but you still 
want to bake a cake.]

[splurged for the good olive oil. good to me, anyway:]

[grapefruit syrup absorption]
[my cake would have been slightly better had I not eaten half of this syrup with a spoon.]

[ready to slice]

This was so good that already there is none left! (And it wasn't just me who ate it!:) I personally feel that the cake could use even more grapefruit essence, so next time I won't have my "a spoon of syrup for the cake, a spoon for me" mentality, and might even make a bit extra. If you're looking for a new quick bread/pound cake recipe, this is a great one to try. Click here for a copy of the recipe, or buy the Smitten Kitchen cookbook as featured in Chelsey's post here!

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