Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Simple DIY Heart Bunting

I hesitated when I named this post to include "DIY" because that acronym somehow implies that you need directions to do this project, when in reality, all you need is a ten-minute trip to Michael's. Nevertheless, you can indeed do this yourself, and the result will be a simple but lovely Valentine's Day decoration that instantly brightens up your dull mid-winter living room for less than six dollars.

[Using a medium heart-shaped cookie cutter, trace 
seven to nine hearts on different hues of pink paper.]

[I swear I find new uses for my cookie-cutter every year.]

[Tape them, evenly spaced, trace-side down onto a piece of white ribbon.
I find it works well to put one piece of tape below each heart lobe.]

[Knot the ends and string at desired location. I used the nails we 
put in for stockings.]


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