Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Style Inspiration

In anticipation of my once-a-month series starting next Wednesday on my new, simplified wardrobe; I thought I'd share some of the inspiration that I found from Pinterest.  I find that if I go back through my Style pinboard, it is easy to pick out what I really love when it comes to clothes. 

 A nice, structured blazer.

 Cozy sweaters

Black jeans and chambray

Stripes and boyfriend jeans

Statement necklaces

In addition to these things, I was looking for easy to wear, neutral tops that could easily be paired with all the other things I picked up.  My main goal in all of this was to have things in my closet that could easily be paired together in order to make getting dressed quick, easy and painless. ;)  
And, just because I am stuck inside due to the frigid temperatures, I was drawn to these cute summery pieces from J.Crew.

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