Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Last Few Weeks, Briefly

The last couple of weeks have been busy in the best of ways. It's always nice to feel like you have a good balance of work and enjoyment, surrounded by the people, things and activities you love. Here are some of my favorite moments, as captured by my camera:

{potato salad ala Smitten Kitchen}

 {work flowers}

{homemade banana bread w/coconut cream coffee}

{red onion chopping}

 {guinea pig derby}
(yes, it really happened and yes, I was close enough to the action to take this picture)

{Krohn family annual Kentucky Derby party}

{breakfast obsessions}

{Carlisle institution}

{get-away weekend planning w/crepes at Helena's Chocolate Cafe & Creperie}

{blooming lilacs from tree to table}

{First Friday night out in Carlisle}

{bright new throw blanket}

What have you been up to lately??


  1. love the pics!! that's a really good picture of the hamster derby! I just wish i would have captured when the MC put you on the spot with that mic :)

  2. haha! i actually wish i would have told the 'ol creepster that i listen to him on the radio every morning!