Thursday, May 9, 2013

Present Perfection

Giving gifts is, to me, one of life's greatest pleasures. And while there are many types of gifts that you can give, I have to say that birthday gifts are among my favorite. I know that a lot of people like to pretend that they don't care about birthdays, or that they're no big deal; but your birthday is the one day every year that is devoted specifically, to those who know you, to you. And as shallow as it may sound, I think it's okay to embrace that and enjoy the day.

The thing is, sometimes finding someone the perfect gift is hard. Most people, myself included, will respond that they don't need anything when asked what what they would like. Or, they give you an answer of something they want that is so specific that it completely takes away the surprise. And that's no fun! So when  one of my very best friend's birthday rolled around a couple of weeks ago, I was really excited to find what I decided was the perfect gift - something she didn't necessarily need, something she didn't already know about, and something that she would love and use. Here it is:

I know, I know; you're probably thinking......what? But what you should know about her is that she has always loved cereal. Sugary, not sugary, breakfast, lunch or dinner; cereal has always been a consistent food group and topic of conversation to us. So anyway, when I saw this engraved spoon from the adorable Etsy shop For Such A Time Designs, I knew it was the perfect option. I rounded the gift out with some cute bowls from T.J. Maxx and, of course, some classic cereal.

And then I wrapped it all up to look like a bug hill, because, you know, I had those little furry bugs lying around and why not??

A definite hit. :)

I really love this unique find and will definitely be going back to this Etsy shop for more. It features some really cute options for newly married couples, new moms, anyone with a sweet tooth and everyone in between! I especially love the butter knife printed on her card because you know how we feel about butter over here! To visit the site, you can click on the link above or right here. :)

Enjoy your Thursday!!

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