Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Well, we finally took the plunge and bought our first cloth diapers!  I have wanted to use cloth diapers since before Sommer was born but Matt finally got on board with me recently so we decided to just go for it.  I have done lots and lots of research and am by no means an expert on any type or brand of cloth diaper but when I found a great deal on Bumgenius diapers I just decided to go with them.  I had originally (like 2 years ago) wanted to go with Bumgenius and had since gone back and forth between other brands but hopefully I will be happy with what we have purchased.  They arrived on our doorstep on Saturday but I haven't started using them just yet.  Here they are...

I love all the colors
Swim diapers that I picked up in VA last week.
Wet bags
Everything I own so far to start cloth diapering
I am also thinking about purchasing this stain and odor eliminator but I'm still on the fence. 
I'll be sharing my experience as I begin.  In the meantime, do you have any tips or advice for starting out?  

Swim diapers & wet bags purchased here.

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