Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How do you take your eggs?

I have an incredible soft spot for two romantic comedies starring Julia Roberts that came out, at least in my mind, right around the same time during the late nineties. Do you already know what they are? Runaway Bride and Notting Hill, of course. Both films have some of those undeniable quirks known only to this genre of movie (in the latter, Hugh Grant's adorable overuse of the phrase "whoopsie daisy" springs to mind), but Runaway Bride - no pun intended - runs away with the competition for its focus on one detail: eggs.

Do you remember the storyline? Maggie, the main character and seeming commitment-phobe, consistently leaves men heartbroken at the alter because she makes them fall in love with a version of herself that isn't real. This is cleverly exemplified in the fact that her taste for eggs changes with every new man in her life.

I thought of this the other morning as I was cooking myself an egg for breakfast (over-medium on buttered toast, heavily salted) and got to wondering how everyone else likes their eggs. I asked a few of my favorite ladies and the responses were so fun to read...

Suzanne: "Over-easy, cooked in butter, salt & pepper with a soft yolk."
Cath: "Over-easy. :)"

Gramma: "Benedict"

Aunt Shelley: "Used some to make a dutch baby for Joe & I this morning. It was good! Fresh raspberries, blueberries and plums on top. Mmm. Otherwise, Joe makes the best scrambled eggs with the not so secret ingredient of cottage cheese. Also mmm. :)"

Aunt T: "Hmmm...that is tough because I LOVE eggs. Top 5: 1. scrambled 2. poached 3. in egg salad 4. fried egg sandwich 5. deviled. Now excuse me while I go fix an egg!"

Robyn (aka my mom): "I like mine over medium with a side of hash browns & a piece of "good" (as Ina would say) multi-grain buttered toast, topped with fresh tomato slices. Mmm. Did I lose the egg with all of that?"

Meg: "Pickled!"

Mary: "OH gosh. I like them runny, sunny side up with toast. I also like them baked into a cake."
Brigid: "Over-medium."
Megan: "Upside-down. :)"

Ashley: "Scrambled with onion and red & green peppers. :)"

Ginnie: "Deviled!"

Chelsey: "Simple: over-easy with a toasted piece of Rudi's multi-grain gluten free bread for dipping. Fancy: spinach and cheese quiche."
Dani: "Scrambled with cheese."

I can pretty much assume that their taste buds reflect only themselves, unlike Maggie Carpenters! And I don't know about you, but my Aunt Shelley's dutch baby and Joe's scrambled eggs sound pretty good this morning...

How do you take your eggs??

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