Thursday, February 7, 2013

Avocado Toast

I am pretty sure that if you went to almost any blogger’s website and searched their archives, you could find a version of avocado toast. And to be honest, I’ve tried most of them.

My favorite version thus far; however, is this one from Hither & Thither. Here you’re not only getting toast topped with creamy, delicious avocado, but a perfectly made soft-cooked egg to boot. And when I say “perfectly” I really do mean it. I’ve used their method of steaming at least six times now, and these eggs are perfect every. single. time!

Here’s what you do:
-Put about half an inch of water in a sauce pan that has a tight fitting lid
-Bring the water to a boil
-Place your egg(s) into the water using a large spoon
-Immediately turn the heat down to medium, cover, and steam for 6.5 minutes
-Rinse in cold water, peel and enjoy!!

I've eaten this for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it's always a treat. :) And I don't know about you, but I'm pretty happy that the weekend is nigh. This week managed to take a turn for the stressful somewhere around Wednesday and I've been feeling a little like this the past day or so:

This grumpy cat somehow manages to sum up everything perfectly!!
See you tomorrow for Photo Friday!!

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