Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Golden Alphabet

There was a shift, sometime around the year 2000 (or middle school, for me), when silver became more popular than gold. Suddenly, twenty-four carat gold was out, and sterling silver was in, especially when paired with the ever-popular baby blue spaghetti strap tank top. I'll admit that I went with the trend at the time (in fact, I'll have to share my seventh grade school photo on here someday which features that exact look); however, I've always loved gold more. So, now that I'm an adult and embracing my fondness of the lesser-loved precious metal, I decided to incorporate it into my home decor a bit.

It is not often that I will attempt to recreate something I've seen on Pinterest (we all know how those projects tend to fail), but this one seemed so simple: 1. purchase magnetic letters, 2. spray-paint gold. And really, it was. I laid the letters and numbers on a slab of cardboard, and sprayed on three layers of paint, allowing time for drying between each coat. They turned out really cute and are filling the giant void we had for refrigerator magnets perfectly. And as an added plus, it's pretty fun to leave weird messages for your roommate to wake up to on same-old/same-old work mornings.

Try it yourself!

In Case you Missed it:

FYI: Letters were purchased at Toys 'R Us for $3.00. I hard a (surprisingly!) hard time finding them!

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