Tuesday, July 22, 2014

how does my garden grow

Time for a July update on our little patio garden.

 Our tomatoes are doing so fabulously!  I am so excited that they are actually producing something...and not just one something but lots of little 'matos!

 We love the sungolds and find that they are especially delicious straight from the vine and warmed by the sun!

 Geraniums starting to pop up!  We started the geraniums in June and have been anxiously awaiting their debut.  Can't wait until they bloom!

 Our lettuce has been, from the start, our best producer (thanks Aunt Shelley!).  It is nice to have around for quick salads and also has been a confidence booster for me as I have just ventured into gardening.

 A box full of homegrown lettuce! Doesn't get much better than that!

 Our 3 little flower pots are also doing pretty well.  Nothing is blooming yet but everything is looking good!

 First fruit from our tomato plant.  Sommer was so excited to finally pick one!  I imagine in her little 2 year old life the time it took for this little guy to go from green to yellow seemed like an eternity.  Everyday now, we go out to check on our other tomatoes and she encourages them to turn yellow soon!

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