Monday, April 28, 2014

the best (and busiest) of times

I don't know about you, but recently for me, time seems to be moving crazy fast.  Somehow we're already staring May in the face when I was pretty sure that just yesterday it was February.  Somehow we're already staring flowers in the face when I was pretty sure that just yesterday it was snowing.  Somehow we're already staring summer vacation in the face when I was pretty sure that just yesterday it was Christmas break.  Somehow...well, you get the point.  

Over the next two weeks, I'm really hoping to slow down our days and really enjoy the craziness that's about to happen because you guys, this Friday, we close on the house!  Eight long (but simultaneously crazy fast) months later, we're finally getting to move into our own home.  I don't think we could possibly be more ready or excited.  Check out a few of my favorite features of the house...

Pretty entryway

Bay window

Built-in bookshelf
I can't wait to move in and organize and rearrange and figure out where everything's going to go.  My "it's-time-to-spring-clean!" radar has been going off for a month now, and I can't wait to get started in a completely new space.  The best of times, yes.

And on top of the closing and painting and choosing and packing (noooo) and moving (again) for the house, we have a couple other fun things thrown in for good measure.  This morning, I'm helping with Kindergarten and 1st grade Field Day at Tommy's school.  This is the first time all year that I've been able to volunteer for an activity so I'm really excited to see him with his friends and spend the morning outside with the long as it doesn't rain!  And then later in the week, Will and I have tickets to not one, but TWO performances of Wicked!  WHOO!  In case you forgot, I heart musicals so this is pretty much a dream come true for me and proof that my awesome family knows me so well (thank you Will, Krista, and Jeff!!).  I.  Can't.  Wait.  The best of times, yes.

So this is pretty much going to be the best and busiest week of 2014 so far.  The best of times, yes.  Ready, set, GO!

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