Friday, April 25, 2014

Photo Friday!

I hate to admit how much of a sucker I am for good marketing, but when I saw a blue and pink bag that said "Boom Chick Pop" I had to buy it. It turns out it's a great (and low in calorie!) after work snack. No complaints here! Thanks for reading this week & have a stress-free weekend! xoCarrie

 This is what happens when you put 3 crazy kids in the back of the car together for a week!  So much fun, silliness and noise.  Have a great weekend!
xo Dana

With Will away on a business trip this week, it's been so fun (and helpful!! and LOUD!!!) to have Dani and Sommer staying with us :)  So glad they were able to make the trip down.  Have a relaxing weekend...and maybe do some reading!

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