Monday, January 9, 2017

Christmas Cheer

Hello from snowy central Virginia! We got about 5 inches of snow on Saturday morning and it's completely beautiful and fun and COLD. Naturally, the kids are out of school today because the plows haven't come through any of the neighborhoods yet, and I'd be surprised if they went tomorrow. We've had a great time playing outside taking snowy quiet walks, sledding down the hill behind our house, doing a little snow wrestling, throwing snowballs, attempting to build a snowman, and making snow angels. I love snow! I'll post some of our snow photos later in the week. Today, I wanted to share some of our holiday photos, if you'd like to see. I chose "Christmas Cheer" as my December theme so we tried to have an extra dose or two of cheer as often as possible.

Toasting Christmas cookies at GG's = Christmas Cheer

Cute boys (9yrs and 4mo) together = Christmas Cheer

Color coordinating cousins = Christmas Cheer

Picking out our biggest Christmas tree ever (it scraped the ceiling!) = Christmas Cheer

Seeing Santa with cute cousins = Christmas Cheer

Decorating gingerbread at Gatty's = Christmas Cheer

Watching Rudolph = Christmas Cheer

Reindeer games = Christmas Cheer

Matching PJ's on the last day of school for 2016 = Christmas Cheer

Sprinkles everywhere = Christmas Cheer

Christmas Day with these cuties = Christmas Cheer

Matching girls (a coincidence!) = Christmas Cheer

Cousin love = Christmas Cheer

Banjo/Ukulele entertainment = Christmas Cheer

Being part of the first all-female ping pong champ team  = Christmas Cheer
We had so much fun visiting with our families and spending time with relatives we don't get to see very often. Christmas Cheer indeed!

Hope you're having a good start to your week whether you're home enjoying a snow day or jumping back into the weekly routine. Happy Monday!

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