Monday, January 16, 2017


Last week our kids missed three days of school because we got about 5 inches of snow. I posted a couple pics on Instagram of our snow day activities and as the total climbed to three, there was one question that was asked by a few of my friends from PA and NY: "How much snow did you get?!" You see, in central Virginia, about 5 inches is the equivalent to about 2 feet in the north east as far as snow removal and school closings goes. Our neighborhood didn't even see a plow until Tuesday afternoon - a full four days after it started snowing. It's completely crazy and ridiculous, but it's also awesome! We had so much fun playing out in the cold as the giant flakes came down and the world was hushed with the quiet that only comes with a thick blanket of snow.

Walking out into a snowy morning always makes me think back to the days when Will and I were hiking the Appalachian Trail in early March through snow and ice and cold. The quiet peace of those days hits me for a moment as I step outside.....and then is quickly replaced with whoops and laughter as I get hit with snowballs from all sides. We love snow days!

Unfortunately, the snow didn't even last a week as it promptly warmed up to seventy-two degrees on Wednesday and Thursday. So crazy. Today it's cold and raining but we're warm by the fire on yet another day off. Wherever you are, I hope you're nice and warm and enjoying a good start to your week!


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