Friday, June 24, 2016

a good read

Anyone else happy today is Friday? Robert and I were in South Carolina last Wednesday-Sunday, and after a long five-day work week, I am ready to see the Dixie Chicks (!) in concert tonight and spend Saturday afternoon finishing up The Girls by Emma Cline. Have you caught wind of this book yet? I first heard about it on Cup of Jo here and, despite Joanna's somewhat nerve-racking description, I couldn't stop thinking of how much I'd like to read it. So, I swung into Target the night before we left for vacation and snatched up a copy. It does not disappoint, but fair warning: if you are squeamish, this book may not be for you! As every blurb you read will tell you, the plot is based around Evie, a young teenager who finds herself in a Charles Manson-like cult in the late sixties. I am getting towards the end, but am waiting for an interrupted stretch of time when I'm not tired or distracted to finish so that I can really enjoy it.

I will share some Charleston pictures next Friday!
Enjoy your weekend. xoCarrie

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