Wednesday, May 4, 2016

simple meals

One thing I struggle with almost daily, is what to eat for breakfast and lunch.  It seems quite silly because there are a million and one options but for whatever reason, I always feel like I'm coming up short.  Thankfully,  a friend of mine has recently been putting meal ideas and pictures on her social media pages and it has inspired me to try a couple new and simple breakfast and lunch options.  I thought I'd share with you!

 This quick breakfast is a huge crowd-pleaser in my house.  We usually use vanilla Greek yogurt, low sugar granola and whatever berries we have on hand.

Sommer's go to breakfast for a while has been waffles and although I am fine with that, I always encourage her to have a little something else along with the waffle.  On this particular morning she was feeling extra hungry.  She actually ended up eating all of the yogurt, berries and hard-boiled egg and left most of the waffle behind.  

 For lunches, I definitely went out of my comfort zone a little bit to try this recipe.  It is an avocado and egg salad - 2 things that aren't usually on my go-to list of foods.  But, it is pretty quick and simple (as long as you hard boil some eggs earlier in the day or week) and it tastes pretty good!  
Here's how I made mine:
1/2 an avocado mashed
1 hard boiled egg chopped
a squirt or 2 of mustard
salt and pepper
Mix everything together and spread on a nice piece of whole grain toast 
(I LOVE this whole grain panini bread from Giant) 
 Add a pile of cucumber and some fruit and it's a perfect lunch!

I'm always looking for good you have any simple meals you love?

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