Friday, May 6, 2016

Photo Friday!

One of my very good friends had a beautiful baby girl early early in the morning this past Monday, and I was fortunate enough to be able to visit and hold her when she was just nine hours old! I haven't held a baby that new since Annabel was born and it completely made my day. If there's anything more amazing than the miracle of a brand new baby, I don't know what it is. Happy Friday!

Here in eastern PA it has been nothing but wet, cool and dreary for the past week, so I couldn't help but admire the blue sky peeking out from the clouds last evening.  The clouds parted just long enough for us to mow the lawn, pick a few flowers and get a little energy out.  This morning, it's back to rain and clouds.
Hoping for some sunny & spring weather this weekend!
Have a good one!
xo Dana 

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