Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Insta-Wednesday: Glimpse of Winter

While I've already taken down the tree, put the Christmas lights away and tucked the stockings into their tupperware home for the year, I did leave out one, solitary decoration that is a little bit Christmas and a little bit winter. This penguin (purchased at Target several years ago) pairs perfectly with this miniature scarf, which I am pretty sure came to me for the first time presented on a wine bottle. And since it snowed for the first time yesterday (finally!) I think I feel justified to keep him out for at least a few more weeks. xoCarrie 

Since we are having a lack of winter here, these icicles in my mom's living room were the most wintery thing I could find. I am hoping for lots of snow and soon! -Dana

I really wish this was a picture of a snow covered tree at sunrise, but alas, we are still waiting for our first snow here in central Virginia. The clear blue skies are always a sign of winter for me, though. They tell me that it's going to be a cold, crisp, beautiful day. Hope your day is beautiful, too!

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