Tuesday, January 12, 2016

December Recap

As usual, we had a very busy but fun December.  Here are a few highlights, if you'd like to see.

We celebrated Matt's birthday with his parents and a cake from our local Easton Baking Company - the best!

 We had a friend party for Sommer this year for the first time.  We tried to go simple and had her friends over for donuts and fruit & yogurt parfaits followed by sugar cookie decorating.  It was a huge mess but hearing all the girls laughing and enjoying themselves made it all worth it.  Plus, knowing how happy it made Sommer to have her friends at her house all together was the best.

 Matt got me my favorite cake - marbled with cannolli filling - from a little local bakery here in Easton.  We enjoyed a quiet day at home and a trip to look at Christmas lights that night - perfect birthday in my personal opinion.  
Although I promised myself I would be done with my birthday and Christmas shopping before December came around, I wasn't able to do it this year. (who am I kidding, I have never finished before December 1st)  So, my sweet girl and I spent some time out shopping together.  She was the best shopping partner and well, I just love that she poses with all the mannequins all the time!  My favorite is when she goes up to them and holds their hands while posing. haha.
 Sommer had her Christmas program at school and it was so sweet.  I was practically in tears watching her up on stage.  She did so great and Matt and I could not be more proud of her!

 We spent Christmas Eve at church and with family.  
Afterwards, Sommer opened her Christmas Eve box - new Christmas PJ's and a Christmas book - read her book, put out her cookies for Santa and got to bed.  Matt just about broke his arm putting her trampoline together after she was in bed.  Never a dull moment while Santa's elves are at work. ;o)

Christmas morning was wonderful at our house - I hope it was at yours too!  We all slept in until 7/730 and had a leisurely morning opening gifts and relaxing before taking off to see family and travel to my parents for almost a week. We ate cinnamon buns for breakfast and Sommer took tons of time opening and playing with each gift.  It was truly a joy to watch her this year.  I hope our future Christmas' are a lot like this one.
This doesn't even cover a lot of our December but I have been having technical difficulties with uploading all my pictures.  Stay tuned for a recap of our time with our families over the holidays!

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