Monday, December 14, 2015

holiday gifts

Every year, I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out what to give as teacher gifts. I consider gift cards and homemade gifts and books and school supplies and finally decide on something way too close to the last day of school before break and then go crazy trying to get it done at the last minute. Last year was a perfect example as I was finishing up homemade peppermint candles and chocolate peanut butter fudge at 11pm the night before the last day of school before winter break. 

But not this year! Just yesterday, a full FIVE DAYS before the last day of school before winter break, I started the teacher gifts. Win! I got the candle stuff back out, made gingerbread cookie dough, and quickly whipped up some chocolate peanut butter bars. Everything still needs some work - I need more wax to finish the candles, the gingerbread cookies need to be baked and the bars need to be cut and wrapped - but I'm halfway there and it feels good. 

If you need some ideas for teacher/coworker gifts this year, let me point you to a few tasty treats that are easy and fun to make (at least during the holiday season - I'm not a fan of baking at any other time of year and maybe it's the same for you).

We LOVE these gingerbread cookies - easy to make, fun to decorate and a favorite to eat.
I just spotted these chocolate peanut butter bars on Cup of Jo about a week ago and knew I had to try them. Super easy and sooooo good.
This chocolate peanut butter fudge was a HUGE hit with our teachers and bus driver last year. Everyone loved it and asked for the recipe. 
If you're not a fan of making things yourself, try sending a pie. Easy as...well, pie.

Hope you'll give these a try if you need a sweet treat for someone special. We're taking gingerbread cookies to our small group and neighbors this year, too. Ahead of the game. Doing good. 

Also, if you like the ideas above you should check out the Cup of Jo blog. Three out of the four came from there! Wishing you a great start to your week! And don't forget to Be One if you see an opportunity. We're packing bags for Backpacks of Love tonight. Happy Monday, friends.

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