Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Insta-Wednesday: Festive Home

[I'm not sure if the cupcakes in the photo above fall into the "festive home" category, but they were so adorable that I had to show them to you. Robert brought them home from work yesterday and though I initially said I was only eating half of one, that all changed when I realized the cookie topped one was filled with chocolate pudding. I am still full.] xoCarrie

My favorite part of decorating for Christmas is hanging up the twinkle lights! I bought a few extra sets this year so they're in the living room and kitchen, around our front door, and in each of our bedrooms. Last year I left them up until February and I think they'll be up at least that long this year. The ones in our bedroom just might stay all year. 

Over the years, Matt and I have collected the Willow Tree Nativity Set in it's entirety.  I always love pulling it out to display somewhere in our home.  The last two years we didn't have a space to put the whole thing because our apartment was so small but this year we were finally able to pull it out again.  The addition of the tea lights make the whole scene even more perfect and I just love walking through at night and catching a glimpse of it.

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