Friday, October 23, 2015


This past Monday, when I wrote that this week would be slower than last week, I'm convinced that the universe must have laughed at me. Although I had pictured mornings of leisurely cleaning and doing laundry and stocking the refrigerator and pantry while listening to an audiobook, I actually ended up spending just about every free moment running back and forth between Annabel's Preschool and Tommy's Elementary School. With the big Fall Festival at Tommy's school last night and the Halloween Hoorah coming up next week at Annabel's school, there has been plenty of planning and organizing, not to mention a fun popcorn and Halloween book reading party and a full morning of running copies, stapling spelling packets and filing homework. And although it was CRAZY, I'm so glad that I'm able to help with these various activities and be a part of their days at school. 

That said though, Annabel and I are very much enjoying our first slow morning all week. On the to-do list today? 

Coloring, knitting and reading sound pretty good. That's what you'll find us doing this least until we have to go to preschool for a meeting. TGIF!

Thanks for reading this week! Happy weekending.

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