Friday, October 16, 2015

Couch to 5K

I have a decent number of relatively irrational fears -- sharks, cracking a tooth (just typing that made me have to stop for a moment and put my head in my hands), leaving a burner on, and public speaking, to name a few -- but none are so annoying as my fear of the treadmill. If you've stopped to wonder if having a fear of the treadmill is a legitimate thing, I understand. But every single time that I get on that thing and try to move past a brisk walk to an easy jog, I instantly get this horrible, nagging pang of anxiety that I'm going to fall off. Then I jump to the sides, slow down the belt, jump back on, walk, walk faster, and repeat the process all over again. It's sort of sad.

So, this fall, I've resigned myself to exercising out doors. I know at a certain point this will be easier said than done (read: the end of daylight savings on November 1st) but for now I've really been enjoying the crisp air and changing leaves. And luckily for me, I have a new buddy to help me ease back into comfortably running 3.1 miles (the standard 5K). Have you guys heard of Couch to 5K??

I discovered this iPhone app through a sponsored Facebook post, and recently decided to try it. The focus of the program is to get you into running slowly -- you start out doing a lot of walking and a little running, and gradually work your way up to a full, 3.1 mile jog. I'm on Week 2, and as you can see, am alternating 1.5 minutes of jogging with 2 minutes of walking. But the best part (in my opinion, anyway) is the trainer. With this app I can put my Spotify running playlist on, hit the "Go to Workout" button in my C25K app, strap my iPhone to my upper arm, and then follow the commands of the trainer to walk and run -- it comes right over the volume of my music. Since I spend all day making hard decisions (the way of a corporate career) it's oddly comforting to do exactly what someone is telling me to do, without any extra thought. You can choose from Constance (pictured above), Billie, Sergeant Block or Johnny Dead. For days when you have no motivation, I recommend switching to the serg. 

[There's a nice 2-mile jogging trail around a local golf course that is perfect for this program. It's also nice to have the comforting company of old men golfing as you run. They like to smile and wave, and make comments about getting a move on.]

[The best key solution when your yoga pants don't have a key pocket.]

[Is there a better season to be outdoors than fall??]

After you've completed a work-out you log it, and it sets you up for the next run. If you're more social than I am, you can set-up buddies who will high-five you for your work-out. I personally like this screen because it shows me how many miles I've logged and in how much time; it's a sort-of subtle reminder of a small accomplishment. 

And with that, I'm done writing what probably sounds like a completely sponsored post. But I swear it's not! This is an app worth using and one that I swear will get me into adequate shape to run the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day. :] Hope you have a wonderful fall weekend, and we'll see you back here next week! xoCarrie

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