Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Insta-Wednesday: Current View

[When I was reading the texts from my sisters yesterday evening about our topic for today (current view), I wasn't initially sure what to blog about. So, I took a picture of what I was eating for dinner: pumpkin quesadillas. This is a favorite, easy fall dinner of mine, and the perfect thing to eat on a cold and rainy Tuesday night. For the recipe, click here.] xoCarrie

This adorable cheerio smile was my view last night as I wrote a note to my Nan. Although I try to write to her once a week I didn't keep up with very well over the summer. Working on getting back into a good routine with it.

These last few days I have been getting up early to enjoy a cup of coffee in the quiet of our new home.  It has been the best addition to my days and I'm looking forward to enjoying this view for a long time. 
xo Dana

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