Friday, May 15, 2015

Spring & Sommer

Two weekends ago, while Dani was off getting ready to run ten miles, Robert and I got to spend the entire spring day with Sommer. Way back in the day, the town of Carlisle had a wildly popular street fair called the "Amani Festival." It had a lot of different cultural booths, tons of food options & even some unique music and dance performances. Its popularity waned after awhile, and eventually it went away completely. But this year it was "back by popular demand!"...and unfortunately, not as great as I remember.

Regardless! When I went to see Sommer on Friday night I asked her if she wanted to go to the street fair with me and she said yes! So on Saturday morning, Robert squeezed into my mom's tiny purple car (the one housing the car seat) and drove us downtown to, as it turned out, eat a lot of unhealthy food. :) Below are a few snaps of our outing, if you'd like to see!

[Carlisle in the spring is like nothing else. I know that I'm jaded and that I love my hometown more than one probably should, but I mean, just look at this.]

[Robert spotted this waffle stick, and we immediately set off to find it! The colors came from sprinkles baked into the batter, and boy was it delicious.]

[I really love finding chalk art and Sommer seemed to agree. We passed this drawing twice and on the second occasion she exclaimed, "There's that pink lady! And her chalky doggie guy!"]

[We disagreed on the "green lady." I said she was a witch and Sommer insisted 
she was just...."a green lady.";]

[I felt sort of bad that the street fair was such a dud, so we went to Massey's for 
ice cream and a little tennis spectating.]

[And these two! Sommie loved her "Uncle Baby." Melts my heart:)]

It was a great day! And, who knows, maybe a sneak peek for me and Robert.'' ;)
Thanks for reading this week! Have a wonderful weekend. xoCarrie

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