Monday, May 18, 2015

winning...even while losing

Back in the Fall, we signed Tommy up for his first season of baseball. He had a great team; they all tried hard, had fun, and learned a lot. They also won every game...except the last one. The coaches didn't make too big a deal of the wins, instead focusing more on sportsmanship and learning how to play the game. Tommy loved every second of the season and couldn't wait to play again in the Spring.

Then we moved on to basketball season. And it was a train wreck. The kids didn't listen, practices were a few drills and a lot of discipline, and they just didn't seem to learn a whole lot. They also lost every single game. The coaches didn't make too big a deal of the losses, instead working more on being a good sport and encouraging the kids to keep trying.

And now we're back in the midst of the Spring baseball season. The kids started out pretty rough but have been improving every week. They're listening better, learning to pay attention to base runners and field strategy, and hitting and pitching better. But they haven't won a single game, and since none of the games have even been close (think 14-3 or 10-0) it's not looking good for them to win any of their last seven or so games. 

 So if we go back and add up the wins and losses for the entire year (somewhere around 12-40), it's clear that he has spent FAR more time losing than winning. But the great thing about Tommy is that you'd never know it. Some kids have such a hard time losing. I've seen boys come in the dugout after striking out and throw their bats on the ground or kick their gloves. But Tommy hangs up his bat, puts his helmet away, and gets his glove on so he's ready to head back into the field.

After every game I ask him if he had fun. And he always says yes. 

In this day and age where athletes are caught cheating every single season, and dumb things like "deflategate" happen (P.s. I DON'T CARE!), and we pay millions and millions of dollars to people who play a sport for a living, there is more than enough emphasis on winning every game all the time. And although I definitely think that it's very important to always try your best and yes, of course it's great to win, there's something refreshing about a boy who gets out there on the field and plays the game just to play. Not necessarily to win (although he always plays hard, always gives it his best shot), but to play. Love that kid.

So far this season, Tommy has brought home two game balls for playing well and having a good attitude on the field. (You knew I had to brag about him a little!) Will and I are so proud of him and would definitely say he's winning...even while losing.

Annabel is pretty proud, too!

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