Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Insta-Wednesday: Everyday Jewelry

I don't wear very much jewelry, and what I do wear doesn't vary hardly at all. I wear my wedding rings, a tiny gold ring, and one of those three necklaces every single day. The gold rectangle is from Anthropologie, the gold cross is from Lisa Leonard, and the plain gold was my great-grandmother's. That little gold ring is a stacking ring that I found at a shop on Etsy, but I love the simple tiny band so much that I wear it just on it's own. What do you wear every day?

Like Chelsey, I am very predictable when it comes to my everyday jewelry. I am a definitive wearer of gold, and I don't stray very far from these gold studs & necklace (both from Madewell) & of course, my beautiful engagement ring (my most prized possession, which I swear, makes any outfit look good). I found this cute trinket dish at Antropologie, and it makes for a nice landing zone every night. xoCarrie

I wear very little jewelry everday - typically only my engagement and wedding rings.  But, I recently found these cute little knot earrings hiding in my jewelry box and am planning to add them to my routine!

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