Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday things

Sunday is easily my favorite day of the week. We always start our Sunday off at early church, followed by breakfast out (over the last several years I have made it my personal goal to never cook on Sunday's my one meal off for the week and I'm sticking with it no matter what), and then heading home to do...Sunday things. Like skipping nap time in favor of playing outside. Or thinning out the woods in front of our house with the giant limb cutter and a hand saw. Or discussing the hilarious and weird dreams our boys had last night (Will - being chased by a grizzly bear; Tommy - visiting Aunt Bear and Uncle Robert's small apartment and opening a bedroom door to find a hidden HUGE ROOM FULL OF MACHINES). Or shooting hoops and throwing a baseball. Or riding bikes to the stop sign and then jumping across the puddles in the ditch by the road. Or making pancakes and bacon for dinner. Or making homemade playdoh. Or declaring it "quiet time" and sending everyone off to do their own thing for an hour. Or having a picnic lunch under our beautiful giant oak trees. Or you know, things like that.

In fact, our day yesterday included all of those things and was followed by colossal melt downs by both tired children during an innocent game of "Go Fish," which then required us to skip our next activity on the list - playing with legos - in favor of a more important and necessary activity - going straight to bed. Although there was much (more) weeping and gnashing of teeth at this sudden change of schedule, they were both asleep approximately 17 seconds after their heads hit their pillows which left me with time for a quick conference call with the younger WeThree's, catching up on some blog reading, eating a bowl of (gluten-free!) honey nut chex with vanilla almond milk, and writing this here blog post for you. I love Sundays!

 A little table hockey at breakfast.

 Picnicking in the sun under the trees.

 Homemade playdoh is the best! And so easy and quick to make, too.

I took this photo about one minute before everyone lost their marbles and we had to end the game and go to bed. The revolt was impressive. I wonder if they planned it all out ahead of time? I did catch them whispering earlier in the day.

Hope you had a nice Sunday doing whatever Sunday things you do! Wishing you a good start to your week!

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