Wednesday, March 25, 2015

mid-week schedule change

If you watched our lives from a distance, you probably wouldn't notice much change from week to week.  We recently decided to make a change to our Thursday evenings that has made a huge difference in our weeks.  We decided to sign Sommer up for swimming lessons again because we needed something to get us moving since the weather is still chilly and we were starting to get a little stir crazy being inside all the time.  Instead of registering for lessons during the day which we have done in the past; we signed up for an evening lesson, right in the middle of our usual dinner time and we've been loving it.  
little fishy

Our usual evening looks a little hectic: Matt comes home, I go run at the gym, come home and make dinner, eat dinner, shower, bedtime routine with Sommer, Matt leaves for the gym while I get Sommer to bed...and I usually fall asleep too because I am usually pretty tired from my early morning wake-up.  

I was a little concerned that Thursday's might end up feeling even more hectic than usual but I was so wrong.  We eat an early and easy dinner.  We get our suits on and head out the door with about 20 minutes to spare before our lesson starts.  We try to get to the Y a little early so we can warm up in the pool.  Matt watches about half of Sommer's lesson and then heads upstairs to workout.  Somm and I finish up the lesson and play in the pool for an extra 20 minutes or until Matt meets us back at the pool.  We show him some of our new tricks that we've learned in that evenings class and then we all head to the family locker room to rinse off, get Sommer in her PJ's and head home.  By the time we get home, it's time for books and bed for our little girl and we have all been under the same roof all night long.  Perfection.


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