Monday, February 23, 2015

snow day(s) fun

A week ago today, when I was just thinking that we were never going to get a good snow, I got on Facebook and read post after post about people heading to the crowded grocery stores before the impending 6-12 inches of snow. WHAT?! I really need to watch the weather. So after a harrowing trip to the pediatrician to check on Annabel who had had a fever and terrible cough all weekend, (during which Tommy threw up everywhere after his breakfast didn't agree with him...yeah, it was one of those days), we made sure everyone was ok and then headed to the store to get the necessary snow supplies and everything else that we needed because Monday is my usual grocery store day and we were out of pretty much everything. Sheesh. I told all three (!!) of us that we were going to be brave and just get that chore done. Thankfully, Annabel's fever went away and Tommy was fine the rest of the day. So we had a successful, but long and crowded, trip to the store and by the time we left, it was snowing. I'm glad we were brave because the weathermen were actually right and we ended up with 8 inches of perfect fluffy snow!

Will stayed home on Tuesday and of course the kids were home, so we made an awesome sledding track down our driveway and then one through the woods down to the creek. We got in plenty of sledding and snow angels on Tuesday and Wednesday before it turned completely frigid at the end of the week and forced us inside. And yes, the kids were out of school all week. I love having them home, but by the end of the week they were getting a little restless and looking forward to getting back to school. True to crazy Virginia weather, it was almost 50 degrees here yesterday so the snow started to melt a little, but hopefully we'll get to do some more sledding this week. I love snow! I, for one, am hoping we'll get a little more before the winter is over.

If you got some snow where you are I hope you had a chance to enjoy it! Have a great week!

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