Wednesday, October 8, 2014

the weekend, briefly

This past weekend was a busy one! Robert's favorite baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles, were in the playoffs, so we took the day off on Friday to go to the game. It was a lot of fun, and was followed by visiting with friends (from near & far), good food, fall weather and midget football. Below are a few photos, if you'd like to see...

[Oriole Park at Camden Yards]
I took this photo on instagram and couldn't help but caption it #sorrydad (who is, of course, a die-hard Rex Sox fan). Look at all that orange! 

[Pickles Pub]
We started off game-day at Pickles Pub, where I drank two, twenty-four ounce beers in about an hour. This is probably (okay, definitely) a record for me.

What is a baseball game without a hot dog!?

[winner, winner!]
Despite getting off to a rough start, the Orioles made a swift comeback in the eighth inning! It was a super exciting game and let's face it: it's always more fun when your team wins!

This was taken just as a bloody mary was spilled all over the back of my jeans. But it still might be my new favorite picture of us.;)

[Saturday morning]
I had to run out for milk on Saturday morning and on the way to the dairy section, I passed the donuts. I ended up doubling back for two apple fritters and this coffee roll. So worth it.

[Garden Gate]
I stopped at a local fruit stand to pick up some apples and a few fall decorations on Saturday afternoon. I love the traditional orange pumpkins, but I couldn't help but choose mini white pumpkins for our table.

Saturday evening we headed over to Hauser's Winery to celebrate a friends birthday. It was really  chilly (and I mean, puffy vest, scarf, gloves and headband, chilly) but the sky was beautiful and we had lots of delicious fall food to enjoy. The place was packed, so we sat outside and listened to the Ray Charles station on Pandora until some seats opened up indoors.

[best friend selfie]
Shortly after this was taken, we ended up dancing with a man named Tom to some interesting folksy music. I'll go ahead and blame the wine.

[Some real fall weather!]

After our memorable trip to the winery, we enjoyed a massive bonfire with some friends. Before this night, I had never seen someone stoke a fire with a leaf blower.

On Sunday, Robert and I headed down to Shippensburg to watch some midget football (& cheerleading). A friend's daughter was on top of the pyramid, and it was so worth it to go down and watch. Small-town USA in the best of ways.

How was your weekend??

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