Thursday, October 9, 2014

Friday Night Lights

Last Friday night, after hurrying like crazy to get to our packet pick up for the color run, we traveled to Easton for their high school football game.  Easton is Matt's alma mater and a team he has continued to follow since his graduation.  This is the first time we have been back for a game but boy did we pick the right game to see!  Both teams were undefeated and they played quite a game.  I have never seen a football game go back and forth with scoring like this one did.  In the end, Easton won 63-49!  Seriously, the highest scoring game I have ever been to. 

 This was Sommer's first football game and she was enthralled with just about everything.  From the game to the cheerleaders to the food to the band...she was loving it.
 We met up with Matt's parents at the game.  It's always fun having Gramma and Pappy around!
(PS that is not Matt's dad in the background :))
 This beautiful time of year will always bring me back to my years in the high school band.  Those Friday nights spent tucked up in the stadium with my friends were some of my favorites.
Taking it all in and cheering for the Eagles (but really the Rovers).

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