Tuesday, October 7, 2014

color run lehigh valley

 This past Saturday Matt and I ran the Color Run Lehigh Valley!  I have been wanting to run a color run for quite a while and we finally bit the bullet and signed up.  

 It was a chilly and rainy morning and we got to the race a little early so we had to huddle together to try to stay warm.  ^^Matt was like, "why did I let you sign me up for this?"  It got better though. :)
 HAPPY tattoo keeping us happy in the rain.
 We hopped in line as close to the front of the 7,000 participants as possible.  We were not about to wait 45 minutes to actually cross the start line!

We thought this run would be more of a race than it was so we started out with great intentions of having a great run.  We quickly realized that this is not the run to do if you want to have a great 5k.  There were tons of walks, strollers and little kids (and we were happy to be out there with all of them!).  We got tired of dodging everyone so we enjoyed our run and walked some to make sure we could get some good pictures to share!


 The coolest part of the race was the very end when everyone threw their color packets up together!  We watched from afar and I think it was the best view.
Have you ever done a Color Run?  
I would definitely do another one but next time I think I will drag my sisters along.  No one better to dance to N'Sync's 'Bye, Bye, Bye' with while waiting for the race to begin!

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