Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wishful Wedding

As each day passes, Robert and I are getting closer and closer to our wedding date! And though it's still about a year away, we're already starting to cross some of the big things off the list. For instance: wedding date - check!, reception venue - check!, tuxes - check!, bridesmaid dresses - check!, DJ - check!, caterer - not checked yet, but we're certainly getting closer to a decision. 

I've had a wedding board on Pinterest for months now, and as we move though the planning I'm definitely starting to pull some ideas to help shape the look of our day. Below are a few inspiration shots, if you'd like to see!

[This is the bouquet that I'd like to carry. As you'll see in the photos below, the look of the flowers is definitely centered around Craspedia Billy Balls. I really love their simplicity. That being said, I got the most beautiful white roses as a gift at work a few weeks ago, and they almost changed my mind entirely. I was happy to find this bouquet - a combination of both!]

[I would love for my bridesmaids (the rest of WeThree and my two best friends) to carry slightly smaller versions of these bouquets. Our wedding is in late August and I think the golden yellow color compliments the late summer season nicely.]

[I love these miniature vases as centerpieces, and my goal is to find 75% of them at local antique stores. This may be a subtle way of penny pinching, but it is also kind of neat that each little vase will have its own story. Plus, they have the potential to double as a favor.]

[I have loved this simple J. Crew gown for so, so long. I have yet to try on wedding dresses, but my plan is to visit Dani out near Philly for a fitting at King of Prussia mall. Fingers crossed that it fits, because I really have my heart set on it!]

[For bridesmaid dresses, we went with this gray, lace "Pamela Dress" from J.Crew. I know that every bride says that the bridesmaid dresses are "totally wearable," so perhaps I'm being partial, but I really think these ones are! With a navy blue sweater and cute pair of flats, this could totally be worn to work. Right!?]

[Gorgeous hair. I was originally thinking of wearing mine down, but I think it would just add stress to the day. I'm really hoping my hairstylist can recreate this look!]

[I still have my heart set on getting our wedding cake from Sweet Haus, but regardless, it's going to be simple. I love the idea of a slightly rustic, plain, white cake with a nice wedding topper. A couple of weeks ago, my Gramma found hers in a trunk, and I'm thinking it may have to be our something borrowed.]

[This is a subtle detail, but how adorable are these forks? And guess what!? Mary (Brigid's sister, and one of my bridesmaids) bought these for us! I was so excited when I opened them. Thanks again, Mare!]

[I love the idea of making a path to the reception with chalk hearts. I'm thinking I could put my nephew up to this -- he has pretty awesome side-walk chalk skills ;).]

[And this may be wishful thinking, but how gorgeous are these Thai lanterns? Over the summer I saw, probably one hundred of these, being set off into the sky after a wedding. I can't think of a more beautiful send-off.]

So what do you think? Any suggestions?? I'd love to hear!

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