Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Toddler Talk

Did you know that having an almost 3 year old around makes for pretty amusing conversation?  We have been keeping track of a few of the funny things our girl says. Here are a few if you'd like to read...

While walking outside on a foggy day:
S: It's so dusty outside.  I can't see anysing.
D: I think you mean foggy?
S: Yea, it's so foggy and dusty.

While swinging at the park:
D: Why don't you try to pump your legs?
S: I can't do that.  Maybe in a couple-four days...on Tuesday.

While playing pirates:
S: ARRRR, Maybe!! 

While she is supposed to be sleeping but she's laying awake in her crib:
"AGS -- Go Eagles!"

When she gets frustrated:
"Oh pumpers!"

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